Why SmartCorrect™?

We, at Marshall have been revolutionizing the manufacturing world with our ‘Closed Loop’ Turning Solutions. We’re not just in the business of selling machine tools; we are in the business of solving problems for our customers. Our automation products have been created with the sole objective of increasing productivity in the machine shops and creating a stress-free work environment. (more…)

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Who Benefits From SmartCorrect™?

Production Managers, Machine shop Owners, Auto-part manufacturers, Manufacturing Industry are probably the biggest beneficiaries of SmartCorrect™. SmartCorrect™ uses a Closed Loop Manufacturing system which uses Auto Inspection, Auto Analysis and Auto-Correction to tool offset values in the CNC Lathe to produce Zero Defect Turned components used in Automotive and other industrial sectors. (more…)

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How does SmartCorrect™ Work?

Here’s how SmartCorrect™ Produces Zero Defect Quality!

There are 3 types of Human errors that lead to defective parts being manufactured.

  1. Measurement Error: With so many different analog instruments used to check various dimensions, the possibility of error caused by non-calibration or the wrong handling of an instrument is something inevitable. (more…)
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