We, at Marshall have been revolutionizing the manufacturing world with our ‘Closed Loop’ Turning Solutions. We’re not just in the business of selling machine tools; we are in the business of solving problems for our customers. Our automation products have been created with the sole objective of increasing productivity in the machine shops and creating a stress-free work environment.

At Marshall we understand that Machine Shops around the world still use manually operated CNC Turning Centers, an industry standard from  3 decades ago. Most machine shops are facing 2 major pain points:

  • Finding & Retaining Skilled Operators and getting them to produce Zero Defect parts


  • Finding & Retaining dedicated Quality Inspectors who can ensure that NO bad part reaches the customer

Our patented SmartCorrect™ Gauging Stations with ‘Closed Loop’ technology is one unique solution for both these pain points. Standard CNC Lathes (or legacy machines) can be converted into smart machines with SmartCorrect Gauging Stations.

SmartCorrect’s revolutionary technology can convert all legacy CNC Lathes into Smart Machines and help you transition form From Operator Based Quality to System Based Quality!

With their closed loop operation, SmartCorrect Gauging Stations make it possible for semi-skilled employees to produce zero defect products.  Every turned part is auto-inspected, auto-analyzed and the loop is closed by automatically correcting tool offsets in the CNC Lathe.

Most of the defects that cause Customer Complaints and huge losses are Operator Based Mistakes. What we provide helps our clients transition from the stress of “Operator Based Quality” to a more reliable “System Based Quality”, Eliminating the need for human dependent final inspections altogether! and In the process providing Larger labor pools and reduced dependence on ‘Experienced’ operators.