Marshall Automation America Launches US Operations with the opening of their corporate office & Tech Center in Duluth, GA


CNC Turning is the most widely used metal cutting technology for making components used in Auto, Aerospace, Defense, Railways & General Engineering Industries and Marshall has been instrumental in providing ‘Intelligent Automation’ solutions for CNC machines.

Job Thread Ring

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Job Bell Component

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Job Inner Ring

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Job Bearing Flange

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Job Counter Shaft

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Twinturn SmartLoad UBER

TWINTURN UBERwith SmartLoadhas following advantages that make it the World's Best Automated System for CNC Turning:

  • RELIABLE: Min. No. of Moving Parts
  • COMPACT: Smallest Footprint
  • SAFE: Mechanism inside machine. No risk to humans
  • FAST: Faster Load/unload time
  • ECONOMICAL: 50% the cost of Gantry or Robot based Automation.

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Roboturn Quattro 4S


World # 1 in Production of Small Chucking Jobs.

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Roboturn DS-450

Roboturn 'L-series' has double or Four Spindle machines with Linear Tooling.Ideally suited for small jobs having cycle time less than 30 seconds per setup.

When to Select:
  • Cycle time per setup < 30 Secs.
  • Unbalanced machining times for both setup,e.g - 18 secs. for 1st & 27 secs.for second setup

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Roboturn Cell

This is a complete automated solution for 3 wheeler rear axles. Some of the salient features of this cell are:- ·

  • No centering facing required as centering is done on the machine itself ·
  • Live turrets on both sides ( Special BMT type) for drilling and centering operations ·
  • Complete turning of stem in the first setup ·
  • Complete Flange turning and drilling in the second setup ·
  • Linear Scales to ensure highest accuracy while machining ·
  • Camera for orientation of the job and proper butting ·
  • High pressure coolant for chip breaking and increase tool life ·
  • Sister tools for un interrupted longer production ·
  • Clampsys to protect against blunt and broken inserts ·
  • Marshall proprietary smart screens for easy operation ·
  • Robot for loading unloading

This is a two setup solution for a job which was being done in 5 setups previously. It saves a lot of space and reduces the floor to floor time. This is the ideal solution for such a component and with a robot we can easily achieve an OEE greater than 90%.

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Roboturn XL

  • Ideal Solution for chucking jobs with cycle time longer than 50 seconds.
  • Smart eye camera for correct job orientation.
  • Two set ups in a single machine.
  • Smart check ganging option available with machines.
  • Turret enables us to provide sister tools for longer production.
  • Clamp sys for protection against accidents.
  • Option of smart doors(Serou operated) available to save costs and more efficient working.
  • German design for special chip disposal.
  • Option of high pressure coolant for long curly chips.
  • Linear scales in x axis for increased accuracy in an manned production.
  • Smart programmable Tailstocks for shafts.

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