Here’s how SmartCorrect™ Produces Zero Defect Quality!

There are 3 types of Human errors that lead to defective parts being manufactured.

  1. Measurement Error: With so many different analog instruments used to check various dimensions, the possibility of error caused by non-calibration or the wrong handling of an instrument is something inevitable.
  2. Judgement: When Operators become tired or unfocused, especially on a night shift, it’s very easy to arrive at a wrong judgement… HOW much correction does the tool offset really need!
  3. CNC Input Error: Missing a decimal place, Or putting the value of tool offset in wrong window in the CNC screen is a very common problem after a long day of working a repetitive job!

These are serious issues causing huge pain in machine shops! And until yesterday, there was NO solution.


Marshall’s SmartCorrect™ with its Closed Loop Manufacturing Cycle consisting of:

  • Auto Inspection of machined jobs,
  • Auto Analysis of measured dimensions; and
  • Auto-Correction of tool offsets in the CNC control![/quote]

In the brain of SmartCorrect™, advanced algorithms calculate the process mean and automatically correct the tool wear offsets to match Process mean with the Dimensional mean.

This means that during production, the machine is auto-correcting all the critical dimensions of the job automatically, without any operator involvement AND …  in REAL TIME!

Whatever turned components you make =>  from automotive parts to bearing races to hydraulic fittings, …or anything else  – SmartCorrect™ makes Turning less stressful, more productive and saves you a ton of MONEY!