Marshall offers SmartCorrect™ solutions for Auto-measurement, Auto-analysis & Auto-correction of turned parts for the following categories of components in the Auto-parts Industry:

  • Engine Parts: Piston, Piston Inserts, Gudgeon/Piston Pins, Crankshafts, Cam Shafts, other turned parts.
  • Gearbox Parts: Shafts, Gear Blanks, Oil Pump parts, Gear Shifter assembly parts, other turned Parts.
  • Transmission parts: Drive shafts, Yokes, Pinions, Differential gear blanks, Rear  Axles,  other turned parts.
  • Steering parts: Steering rod, UV Ball Joints, other turned parts.
  • Brake Parts: Brake primary & secondary pistons, Brake Discs, Drums, and other Turned Parts.
  • Wheel Parts: Hubs, Spindles, Alloy Wheels.
  • Miscellaneous Parts: Self Starter & Alternator shafts; AC Compressor crankshafts, pistons, etc.

Parts Manufactured using SmartCorrect™ Technology