MARSHALL MACHINES LIMITED, the most innovative machine tool manufacturer in India and the pioneer in ‘Intelligent Automation’ was started as Marshall Industries in 1961 by our visionary founder, Sh. Gautam Sarup. His father had built one of India’s first lathes in 1940 in Lahore and instilled a love for machines in Sh. Gautam Sarup from a very young age.

He was joined by his two sons Gaurav Sarup (in 1986) and Prashant Sarup (in 1989). From Bench Lathes to Capstan Lathes to Multi Spindle Drillig/Tapping machines to CNC Lathes to Intelligent, Automated CNC Cells, it has been a long journey fuelled by a passion for Excellence and Innovation.



Ani Agnihotri

Co-Founder & CEO

A proactive leader with business acumen and understanding of technology to convert “big picture” vision into implement able business plans.

Gaurav Sarup

Co-Founder & CTO

Director of Marshall Machines Pvt. Ltd. and Co-Founder of Marshall Automation America Inc., Gaurav has been passionate about designing innovative machine tools ever since he joined the company in 1986.

Prashant Sarup

Co-Founder & COO

Prashant has applied his passion for designing machines, electronic integration & interfacing of systems to develop various award winning machines.