TM 400


  • Turnmilling is an extremely important technology in today's highly competitive environment as it saves manpower and machinery (mostly VMCs) used to drill, mill & tap after turning of component on CNC Lathe.
  • Complete job finished in one setup resulting in higher accuracy.
  • TM 400 offers German Quality at Indian price.


Max. Swing Diameter 400 mm
Max. Turning Diameter 280 mm
Max. Turning Length 410 mm
Stroke X/Y (Option)/Z X200/ Z515
Rapid Speed X/Z 18 /24
Max. Speed 4000 rpm
Chuck Size200 mm
Spindle Power (Cont.)11 KW
Spindle Torque 96 NM
Taper in Tail stock Quil MT
Quill Diameter 60
Stroke Body 500 mm
Number of Tools12
Tool Holder VDI30
Rotating Tool12
Max. Speed of Rotating Tools (Std)6000 rpm
Max. Speed of Rotating Tools (Opt) 20000 rpm
Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions 2.1 X 1 .35 X 1.8m

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