CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) organized a conference on “Achieving Excellence in Manufacturing” in Chandigarh on 21st July where many eminent experts and top management of leading Engineering companies shared views on importance of Automation, Zero Defect Production &  adoption of ‘Industry 4.0″ standards.

Gaurav Sarup, Co-founder and CTO, Marshall Automation America spoke to an engaged audience about Marshall’s patent pending IoTQ, a ‘plug in’ technology that makes any legacy CNC machine ‘Smart’ with its three core technologies:

  •  SmartCorrect Gauging Stations for ZERO defect production through Auto-inspection, Auto-analysis & Auto-correction
  • SmartInsert Module (inside Gauging Station) which optimises tool insert life to reduce manufacturing cost
  • SmartChek Module (inside Gauging Station) which prevents unexpected machine breakdowns through 15 second daily, automated health checkup.